May Meeting Agenda:

“Hacking is not a spectator sport. -unknown”

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 06 May 2012
Time: 4:30-6pm


Ground Rules (Geoff)

Ice Breaker

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • School Factory Conference Call (Geoff & Adric)
  • Task Forces
    • Sponsored Membership contest (Adric)
    • ABQ Maker Faire (Charel)
    • Lab Canteen (Ray)
    • Space Organization (Geoff)

Old business:

  • Insurance Proposal
  • Arduino April recap (Aaron)
  • Marketing discussion (Addie):
    • Official Duties of the Quelab “Communication Officer”(?)
  • Arduino April workshops marketing
  • Things that go BOOM (June)
  • July – Theme Discussion
  • Game Night plans
  • LINUX night plans

New Business

  • Building Lease Discussion
  • Room Sub-lease
  • Nominations for Board Members
  • Cleanup/Yardsale?
  • Be a workspace for ABQ Hack, May 11-13?
  • Hackaday Hackerspace Showcase (We need to make a video!)


Meeting notes: Started: 5:08 In Attendance: Geoff, Ray, Bandit, Aaron, Charel, Zig, Cameron, Alfred, Morgan, Will, Adric

Skipping the ice breaker due to lateness.

Tressurer report: memberships down 4 and added one. Please annotate any cash memberships via square app or squareup website. Any boardmember can do it, ask Adric or Geoff for credentials.

Comcast is still bugging us for early termination. This is for the defunt llc, we are going to try to return the modem, but at this time we don't believe we should be recieving this. We may try and get comcast to supply a copy of the signed contract.

Talked about the school factory.

Sponsored membership contest: no big progress, adric and addie need to meet and get started.

Maker Faire, Charel brought fliers. Things quelab may be able to help/improve

  • Soldering station (3 or 4 tables)
    • people to teach soldering
  • (would like), an advanced soldering table or two, $5 kits?
  • tear down station(uncycling)
  • quelab area
  • if we wind up making kits, profits would be split between quelab and ammf

Lab Canteen: Ray we need organizing first, will may do some prototyping.

Space organization: Lab needs cleaning, yard, geoff weeded a bit. We still need to do some shrubbery clearing

Insurance, Philadelphia insurance company, finally found someone who would do us, $1491 per year. Will has an aunt in CO that may be able to get us some comparison shopping.

Discussion: can we split the policy, can we pay monthly, and can we get a 2nd quote?

Arduino class: 15 people (we were sold out). Diminishing returns on attendance, we would love to get out a exit survey for people. Cameron liked how it was fairly self directed. and cross support. Ray found a very positive feedback.

  • Survey questions: how clear was it that they were welcome to come for hacknights, and their impressions, and any ideas that they would like to do, also let them know their arduino april membership has expired, monthly arduino event/hacknight? perhaps charge more later

Things that go boom. Geoff wants to contact fire marshall. projects: Rockets 101 Greg,

  • snappers (morgan)
  • colors flame test
  • carbide cannons
  • paper rocket
  • paper “bangers” origami noise makers
  • hydrogen bubbles?

May 15th (Hacknight) boom planning meeting

July Event: fizzy, ginger ale Things that are cold? liquid nitrogen ice cream? decompression freezing….? need a Dewar for liquid nitrogen…. lego event? hovercraft?

themed nights, Board game night, linux, night, and board game night, perhaps a arduino night, these types of nights need more pushing (calendars alibi). also need folks to request the hacknight fees, or put a kitty out as obvious as possible that we need something in compensation for these nights (even 2600). Charel and Morgain need to talk about how to find people interested in doing some structured learning for linux night.

New business Lease: we agreed for another 3 month lease Geoff and Adric as signatory in absence of greg and walter: (agreed to by a quorum).

Walter is MIA so we don't know if there was any progress. I have not seen a posting to the members. next step is to post to cl/lobo/alibi/cnm

Not much info for ABQ Hack,

Board nomination board members: Req from Heather Belew, (group agreed we would accept her as a candidate, if she thinks she has the time)

Fleemarket: perhaps the 26th, people were a bit lukewarm on it. It is a good source of revenue, and Adric thinks the cleanup/sorting of the piles of crap we have part of it should be mandatory(or atleast strongly encouraged)

Ray found a grant writer… but may not have any contact. Question was how much money?

Hackaday showcase(Hackaday wants to publish videos from all hackerspaces that submit tours/info videos… Talked with ray about this.

closed meeting about 6:30