May General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Date: 5 May 2013 Time: 4:30-6pm MDT PIZZA! Ground Rules () Ice Breaker - Say your name, and your current (or next) hackerspace project. Agenda Review:

(5-min or less)Reports

  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Review of April Space Fed Conf Call (?)
  • Task Forces:
    • 3D Printing (Alfred) - closing out the Indegogo campaign
    • Space Search (Adric, Alfred, Ray, Charel, and Bandit)
  • I.T. High School, Meet&Greet on 18 Apr (Walter)
  • Hackerscouts (bandit)
  • Junkado (Aaron)
  • Printing of “Friends Of Quelab” cards (Adric)
  • Ace Artimis (Jon)

←- These topics need to be better defined, and documented

  • Membership (?)
  • Outreach (chair needed)
  • Fund Development (?)

Old business:

  • Calendar Review()
  • Workshop sign ups ()
  • Review of the New Location Task Force search criteria

New Business

  • Member issues: (Example: Dissolving 8 mm audio tape in acid)
    • Themes: Safety, clean up after yourself, current liability waiver, attend an orientation.
    • New Location fundraiser, next Indiegogo campaign
    • Membership “no” policy
    • Albuquerque Tech League/Tech Fiesta (Walter)
    • ABQ Mini-Maker Faire (Charel)


Meeting Notes:

Meeting Started at 5pm Juli, Charel, morgain, adric, bandit, ray, walter, greg, afred, aaron, and 2 visitors(john).

We Read the ground rules, and ice breaker.

Reports, Unknown if anyone was on the monthly Space Fed call Treasurers report was emailed in since Geoff was not here, Adric did read a summary, will cut and paste in here later!

3dprinter, Alfred is now out of school, hopes it will be up by the week. We want to have a series of classes,

space search has looked into, a few spaces, Haines, Columbia both meet our needs outside our price range, but we are looking at how to make that work,

Ray has a few possible places but they have not been looked at yet,

ACE High school, came down for a tour, wants to look into networking with us for 3dprinting and other things, may want to send over an intern.

Hackerscouts/Roborave, Judobots class worked, 2 student/parent sets, fun was had, costs were about $130, we had $200 seed money donated for it,

Roborave, the table was crowded, buttons and throwies… Well received, Hp Evette Wilson was kinda interested(bandit got a card). CNM may also be good candidate,

Junkado, Arron says it went well, was like most starter things, it needs some time to build the network. hes going to be watching for next year.

Friends of cards, board members sign/print the back, initial and date the “punches”, try and collect the data, possible reward of either a robot badge or a discount,

Ace Artemis bridge; John would love more help. john needs help getting plywood in a truck. Needs a Tv to setup.. we only have 7 weekends to finish.

Outreach, we need a sponsors packet, Charel proposes she will develop a packet, Walter and Adric will help fill in the blanks. need to pull together with photos, need to build levels, (shes also looking at First Giving, a subsidiary of Eventbrite). Intel has a kit they are looking at developing, and funding,

Calendar was talked about,

workshops, electricity, basic circuits, inputs sensors, outputs and acutators. (arduino?). other ideas, more locksmithing, virtualbox, openscad, sketchup, 3dprinting, good idea, make a list, of how to post events.

Discussions on space, we are discussing the $1500 cap, working the debate of size/vs comfort/vs planning.

We asked and the group is ok with Charel starting the conversation with R Hannah. ok, with going up to $2000 +-10% total costs ideally negotiated less! +public transport.

In a month, or before we need to present a space or few.

new business, Member issues: how do we deal with the safety issues, and assumptions of what safe behavior is. we need to be sure people have signed wavers

sign in sheet containing wavers, to help track hacknight people, and other visitors.

the idea of someone to check in person, there will be a wiki signup where we can start volunteering for the mandatory stuff.

labeling equipment (like the pumping station one), great idea..

meeting is running way over, but we are pressing on.

mmf: sparkfun is coming from colorado with trainers and kits. workshops 6-7 people per project, may need some people from cnm/unm/tech. 90min workshops.

  • weevle soldering 2.o
  • simon says
  • makey makey basic
    • makeymakey with scratch
  • and possible arduino kits.

We need to review Charel's sheet on this and email her our thoughts on which of these.