April General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!

Date: 7 April 2013 Time: 4:30-6pm MDT PIZZA! Ground Rules () Ice Breaker Agenda Review:

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer's report
  • Task Forces
  • Membership
  • 3D Printing (Alfred)
  • Hackerscouts (bandit)
  • Fund Development (chair needed)
  • Space Search (Walter)
  • Outreach (chair needed)
  • Ace Artemis

Old business:

  • Space Cleanup (Geoff)
  • Yardsale When?

New Business

  • RoboRave (bandit)

The folks who run RoboRave are looking for volunteers to assist with robot-triage on the day-of their event. (4 May 2013) Training will be provided on LEGO Mindstorms, and they're looking to have 4 volunteers from Quelab.

  • Haunted Lab Proposal (Geoff)

Quelab's Haunted Lab is a great opportunity to show off the practical use of the skills we teach. However, producing a haunted house is a long-term investment in fabrication time.

Meeting Notes: Meeting is starting late due to slackage,

Adric, Geoff, Bandit, Charel, Morgan, Alfred, Jeremy, Aaron, Walter, Ray. Rebecca, and 5 others Starting at 4:55


Treasurer's report, 1300 in bank, 26 members. 3d printing, first printer is about 90% plenty of money in the bank for starting on the 2nd one, walter has a kinnect to donate for 3d scanning

Hacker scouts: April 27th, will be judo bots, will support 10 kids. Needs to build some more manpower to help sustain this. space Cleanup 8 New space: we kinda like the space on vassar: its a bit small but cheap enough, we were wondering: Can we ask for Right of first refusal: for ajcent space. we will try to get a group viewing,

Fund Development: outreach: looking for people, that can both find money, and also find people that might need some of our features, and sponsorship: Charel is offering for this as a possibility, fears that she wears multiple hats(we were ok with this), Alfred is also interested, Jeremy is interested in outreach.

Ace Artemus: nobody was here to talk about it,

New Business: Space cleanup: We need to Rangle The mess! Saturday the 20th for the next cleanup! Yardsale: 5/11/13 at 9am!!

Robo Rave: needs troubleshooters!!! contact poppy or morgan,

Haunted lab, Geoff has a roommate who does these big time: Sent her back with a bit of a list of questions, as to how the space will be effected and how it will cost, (something to lookup about mountain and forister halloween stuff)

Daniel Ace HighSchool(community engagement center part of it): Based behind Explora: The 18th they are having a big talk, for partnerships/grants and the like, wants to do a meeting at Quelab. To help foster more connected community.

Junakdo parade: human powered parade in 2 weeks 21st, aaron has some plans for a trike and trailer.

meeting ended at about 6:30, on time despite being nearly 30 minutes late.