April Meeting Agenda:

“Hacking is not a spectator sport. -unknown”

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 01 April 2012
Time: 4:30-6pm


Ground Rules (Ray)

Ice Breaker

  • “2 truths & a lie” [-gm just a suggestion]

Agenda Review:


  • (Geoff)Treasurer's report
  • (Ray) Review of March Conf Call with School Factory
  • Task Forces
    • (Adric)Andrew Stone contest
    • ()ISEA & Maker Faire September 19-24
    • (Ray)Lab store/canteen
    • ()Space Organization
    • (Walter)Linux/Game nights

Old business:

  • (all) March of the Robots recap
  • (all) Game Night recap

New Business

  • Sub-lease
  • (Addie) marketing discussion:
    • Official Duties of the Quelab “Communication officer”(?)
    • Arduino April workshops marketing
    • Things that go BOOM (June)
    • July – Theme Discussion
  • (All) Create 3 lists of hackerspace “requirements”. [-gm I think the focus should be on the mandatory and desires]
    • Mandatory (“have to have's”… “I wont cont to Quelab unless the space has ”)
    • Desires (“nice to have's”… “If I were to get the most use of Quelab I'd need ”) * Visionary (long term ideas… “I've seen the best hackerspaces in the world and they all have _”)


Discussion Notes:

Attendees: % Geoff, Ray, Adric, Alfred, Aaron, Charel, Zig, Wilton, Larry, Walter, Greg, bandit, James

Started at: 4:46 with ice breaker,

Conference Bridge opened but only noisy hold music

Read the Ground Rules,


  • Treasurer: and, $694(Deposit) $90 paypal $150 square, $450+ event take. Now at 23 members.
  • Space Federation monthly call: nobody from here made it to do it. James gave a little recap, (open source access control in hackerspaces, this fall may be a hackathon to do it. Fund Raising workshops also likely in the fall. 3 other hspaces may also be coming up to do similar outside funding sources as us and the possible EECE.
  • Stone contest: Adric gave a recap, details here: Stone contest google doc
  • Maker Faire: open for volunteers and promo stuff (some delayed due to logo issues)
    • Charel needs some help with proposal review of tech related projects, would like Quelab to be involved in the vetting.
    • Call for makers to be posted on our website.
    • Proposal request for logistics meetings here at Quelab, we all agreed it should work, especially with a member sponsor.
    • Maker Faire/Intel: ISEA money for community projects, possibly used for buying soldering irons/tools,
  • need to know amounts
  • Is it ok with SF, 10% to sf? (James says it may be negotiable, but details are needed)
  • Aaron: perhaps it could 10% be off of the NET, not off of the whole
  • Grant kits are in the works?(James)
  • Charel will make a list of volunteers needed.
  • Lab Store/Canteen, no major progress, vending machine, looks like some sort of DIY kit, may be the trick. intrum and lower cost parts. might be drawers. more to be debated.
  • Space planning: its working, still needs more volunteers, for kitchen and carpeted room (Geoff takes computer room)
  • Need to plan the next yardsale
  • We may need some signage, e.g, no unsupervised children, if you use a dish, wash two, etc.
  • Linux Night/Game Night: game night was good, need to pass the hat more, need to do it regularly; linux night: success! good turnout, picked up 2 new members, more passing the hats?
  • March of the Robots Recap, Ray and Alfred got 3d prints!!!
  • Adric: thanks to everyone for their hard work, despite the last moment cancellation of craig it went really well,
  • Arron: a little worried about the pressure of teaching, but we have some support.
  • Charel: it went really well, but we need a bit of signage. She has a printer that can print poster-sized pages. Getting more directions and signs up.
  • Not getting through very well the intent of the night and to be part of the hackerspace. Also when the membership was handed out it was not well described.
  • Perhaps some gift cards/ more memberships, (perhaps limited membership as to not give out keys)
  • Questions about what is quelab about.
  • Need more communication(amongst ourselves, and also to our customers)
  • Kids, share parents kits, with additional kits to sell. (helps to make them work together)

New Business:

  • Sublease, we need to rent it! Walter missed his target, we need to get word out asap. and get it up
  • Marketing tabled due to illness. (Addie was not here)
  • Videos!
  • Survey members about space wants
    • Walter will follow up with the membership
    • Possible questions to ask: how far a commute?

Meeting closed: 6:59