Meeting was held at Marble, Gabe, Walter, Geoff, Adric, Ray, Brian And Lexi in attendance

Good news, Attendance was up for March of the robots.

What we did right.

  • Good theme
  • good title
  • good calendar coverage (wiki media checklist helped)
  • press coverage, lobo,alibi, nmtech
  • used the social network
  • good guest presenters

What coulda been better

  • more participation(before the event)
  • more blogging
  • more press
  • less crowded? perhaps more outside event

The bad! PNM sent a very big bill, for multiple months, will look into partial payments.

event brainstorming

  • Lets think about using eventbright
  • Music event, (end of may,so we can get details worked out)
    • making electronic music
    • circuit bending,
    • benefit concert?
      • involve active self promotional bands.
      • where?
        • Marble?
        • Wells park (permits required?)
        • Street party?
        • Quelab backyard?

For April?

  • Sustainability
    • Unlock your inner EcoMacGyver
    • Re-make (make sponsor or approval?)
    • Battling the junk
  • projects
    • quarterly yardsale
    • eco event?
      • alternative energy?
      • biofuels?
      • solar yard light projects(we have 40 of em)
      • reduce reuse
        • Shopping bag ironed stuff?
      • mikey or chantal talks
      • screenpringing, $5 + $5 for a shirt
      • build stuff out of junk challenge. (goal? Rules?)

Action items

  • Geoff to talk to Alan
  • Adric talk to Mikey and Chantal, (done awaiting reply)
  • Adric contact Factory on 5th about recycled art (done awaiting reply)
  • Adric contact Ehrin about circuitbending (got a yes!)
  • Walter to contact city sustainability department
  • Walter to contact New Mexico Solar Energy Association
  • We need to work on press releases!!