March Meeting Agenda:

“Hacking is not a spectator sport. -unknown”

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 04 March 2012
Time: 4:30-6pm

Ground Rules

Ice Breaker

  • Describe yourself using only two words: your name, and an adjective that describes your personality starting with the first letter of your name, e.g., dastardly Dave

Agenda Review:


  • (Geoff)Treasurer's report
  • (Greg) Space Federation Paperwork
  • (Ray) Review of February Conf Call with School Factory
  • (Greg, Adric, Walter) update from the Space Planning task force, by room
  • Ignite12 report, (Adric, Greg, Walter, Morgan, Addie… etc)

Old business:

  • (all) Outbrief from February's Chocolate Hacking event
  • Question: is Co-working Wednesday dead?

New Business

  • Sub-lease
  • (Addie) marketing discussion:
    • March of the Robots 2.0 Projects/ideas
    • March of the Robots marketing plan
    • Arduino April workshops marketing
    • June theme
  • (Kemper) discuss the warehouse space
  • Task Forces
    • Andrew Stone contest
    • ISEA September 19-24
    • Game/linux/misc nights resuming/starting?
    • Lab store/canteen


Discussion Notes:

Attendees: % Walter, Kemper, Arron, Bandit, Greg, Adric Ray, Addie, Morgain… (+1 new guy)

Started at: 5:13pm (Walter MC'ing)

Ground rules were covered,

Ice breaker covered:

Agenda reviewed by Walter.

Reports, Treasurer report(sent via email inabsentia):We took in $360 at the chocolate event, and $505 at Ignite (which is pledged to Challenger). All of the bills are paid off, and we have $764 in the bank. We have 21 members (and lost one) at the end of February.

Finally, and with much waiting and frustration with the State, we are now a Domestic Non Profit Corporation in Good Standing in the State of New Mexico. This, combined with our sponsorship with the Space Federation gives us 501©(3) status for PayPal. I've started the process with PayPal, but they're dragging their feet…

  • lets clarify membership stuff with Geoff trends +- and all(memberships number of 21 didnt match the 31 on the spreadsheet, and how are we trending?

Gregs space federation report: we are approved and official! Reviewed what they are for us.

Greg would like to have others involved in the monthly conference calls. next one, 23d 21st 7pm mountain,

School factory call report Ray: SF is trying to get better organized, they are wanting to start up one to one talks with their hackerspaces (may or june?). They are wanting us to collaborate with other local groups(helps to cross the streams of members and advertizing) wanting more open hardware/and open atrium documentation. Rays observation is we are a fairly mature hackerspace (meaning alot of spaces are still struggling with what we have already covered. we can in tern be mentors! )

Ignite report, Yay lots of buzz, we may be the beneficiaries next time. Either way, blueshirts=good branding!

Chocolate hacking recap, not as strong with the push or advertising, but still good attendance, important takeouts is that events based on being cheap, and easy, and very accessible to all,

Debate on event framing, came up, how do we make things super accessible, and sell it as a good deal? We were told $10 was a good price for something more interactive than a movie!

We decided to shorten events to say we end at 9pm, (we can at our own discretion stay open later or charge/not charge stragglers)

Get someone to be responsible to talk to people and families about what it would take to get a membership.

Office rental we need to clean it out, then post it place like our own memberlist, facebook, nmtc, craigslist, comes with 2 memberships, need s a small contract. possibly room door locks? Walter to spearhead to members list, $400

co working wednesday is not dead! Just taking a dirtnap! Walter says it will be back. but it in its self needs a marketing push! (we did loose one possible member due to being dissapointed that we were not open as advertized.

Events!: March of the robots, We have makings of 20 schwag bags, can stand extra parts.

roomba? robo rave? challenger learning center arm, Possibly robo rave projecting things.

arduino april: Need documentation on how to install it on windows/mac/unix need to market it early, Trying todo 3 classes on wednesday, possibly showcase on first Friday artscrawl. (Walter and addie will look into), event bright system for ticketing, $35 for members, $60 for non members. (its a membership drive), Will need some support and ideas for art ideas for arduino. adwords will be good. MESA will also get info on this by addie,

June: things that go boom, Emertec, Geoff's firework friends, popcorn cannon, non fire things that go boom.

Kempers warehouse stuff: $1800 rent total, $1200 for quelab to take front 2/3rds, Debate resurged about space and how we want to grow and do. Talked about possibly taking the whole highbay 2 big rooms, no front.

-There was further talk after the meeting after additional members got to see the space, looks like for around $1500 we could get both warehouse bays, and access to the power, we need to see his lease info, and see if we can cosign,

Before we move, We need to contact members to find out what got them here, what would be needed to keep them. Can we get people to move to a bigger space, would members be willing to pay more for a better space?

Takforces: Game night, Walter: event reoccurring, and who is doing it (Walter, Arron, Morgain) -Andrew Stone: how to promote, judge, and other details Adric and Addie, -ISEA September 19-24 and Maker Fair, Needs co-ordinator, but adric will help -Store/Canteen ideas, What how, when and who, Ray Bandit aaron and Geoff

Meeting closed 7:05