March General Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!

Date: 3 March 2013
Time: 4:30-6pm MT

Ground Rules (Ray)
Ice Breaker (Walter)
Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report
    • Present/Vote Final proposal for household memberships
  • Task Forces

Old business:

  • Space Partners (People to share the bigger spaces)
  • Grant Writing – Success!
  • Event recap (# attendees, went well?, went poorly?)
    • Stilts (?)
    • Brewing (Geoff)
    • Board Game Night (Geoff)
  • Strategic Planning (Walter)
  • Hackerscouts (bandit)

New Business

  • How to keep us afloat financially. and also get ready for the big move.
  • Work Day
    • (was: what to do with the overflowing stuff!)
    • YAQYS - Yet Another Quelab Yard Sale
    • Workshop Docent Program

Notes: Meeting set up a little late started at 4:45

addie, walter, carel, rebecca, terry, ray, adric, aaron, alfred, greg, morgan, geoff, bandit, and we have 2 call ins via skype james and jeremy

ice breaker, and introductions, ans agenda read.

Task Forces,

  • 3d Printer Club: frame of first printer is done, needs to be squared, and we need the electronics to mount and calibrate. extruder is mostly done. backer gifts need some sort of printing, alfred will track how the perks are handled.
  • Artemis Bridge: john has been pricing and putting plans on the mail list/google groups.
  • Ace Dalek: motor drivers are working, been needing some help with the android development, and the body of course needs everything beyond the basic MDF,

Treasurer Report:

  • We do still have money despite the problems with the power, we need more members, and more donations to be totally in the black. we did get our paperwork filed with SF, Geoff will be poking santafe. for our state id number.
  • charel is going to send geoff some easy links.
  • power problem: bills didn't come here, geoff used those to to to pay it, Check with pnm to see if there is any sort of non profit, james offered his help if we need it.
  • new space taskforce First place is no longer on the market, we have continued to look and have been pushing the wishlist, als looking at warehouse 508 still very preliminary,
  • strategic planning Walter passed out a the google doc list.

New Business:

  • how to keep us afloat, to get ready for the big move, Greg suggested we get a jump on tshirts/stickers/memberships for a future funding drive.
  • grant writing, looking for funding through intel/pnm/roborave..

Jumping ahead to the membership thing: household style members, addendum to sustaining membership over 13 and at same address, $20 monthly with sustaining member. clarification on that while age 13-18 would still need a n adult to visit the space. *Vote is called, all 7 board members Voted YES!

James suggested a fund development committee, to meet once in a while in ways to get/find/build funding options.

James will add links to the chatlog,

Work Day! Next Sunday 1pm to help sorting,

Stuff: how to codify the ok with giving out memberships.

Add this to next month agenda, are we ok with methods to comp memberships for things we want/need.

  • Grant writing We got one out. will see more in April, Thanks to Gilberto.

Stilts was a success! got 13 people,

Brewing was a bust, we need help advertising,

Game night, its been kinda in flux, needs more members to attend. and need to get more participation/donations. maybe less often (Rebecca suggests)

  • packet party has been good looking forward to continuing them!
  • docent program: this would be a group of folks whom can possibly help make sure the classes or tours or groups would go to to help people get familiarized with the shop and how Quelab works, and protect the space.
  • we need a script for people to sell the space
  • Hackerscouts, bandit wants to talk to Russ about getting grants for kits from Intel. first Sunday of the month, we were hoping for a meeting tonight, but its been kinda canceled due to power problems.

Good idea, ask members from other spaces to help out on some committees, such as memberships/funding.