January Public Meeting Agenda

“Hacking is not a spectator sport.” -unknown

NOTE:All board meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 08 Jan 2012
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Ground Rules

Ice Breaker

  • Record 10 seconds(video) including:
    • Your name
    • what brought you to Quelab
    • what you want Quelab to become

Agenda Review://NOTE: There will only be time for 2 of the discussion topics//


  • Review Quelab board meeting notes
  • Winterizing update
  • Financial/member review ←- what is this? [-gm]


  • Quick review of Strategic Planning Activities
  • Budget planning
    • Financial solvency,
    • 3-month cushion
    • Renting out the “Kempur's office”
    • Lease Renewal/Moving into a new space
  • Documenting roles and responsibility (prez, vp, secretary, treas, facility mgr, other?)
  • Previous month recap: Events - How did they go, what would have been better
  • mini makers fair, and Young makers club? http://www.youngmakers.org/ymp-clubs

Assign task forces:

  • Andrew Stones Proposal (paid year membership & webhostingfor a winner). Needs defining, how to advertise?
  • Insurance search taskforce
  • Next Event/Fundraising ideas
  • payment methods (other than paypal (Notes)). Check, Square, Cash, Direct bank XFER?

Upcoming Events:

  • ComicCon convention, volunteer solicitation? Jan 13-15 ←- who's taking the lead? [-gm]
  • SproutNM micro funding event Jan. 28 ←- who's taking the lead? [-gm](http://www.abqsprout.org/about-sprout/)
  • Rube Goldberg project reveal Heather


Discussion Notes:

Meeting starting at about 6:46 16+ people in attendance! wooHoo!!

Ground rules were read:

Maker fare 3rd weekend of October!!!!

Charel, charel@apachecon.com is a meeting coordinator can help with meeting planning. Also involved with Mini Makers Fair, and defcon…

Meeting paired down to the topics of the Mini Makers Fair, Next Event, Promotion partinerships

Mini makers fare:

  • Need local support and local makers. (will be in october, probably 3rd week), fair grounds or balloon fiesta park. Partner with ISEA (Digital wilderness 2012) (so possibly september to coinside with the big ISEA events).
  • Young makers club, will be part of it, connecting schools to the thing, (Eric Renz-Whitmore, can connect us to schools)
  • Lego league needs judges, contact info http://nmfll.org/
  • Science Olympiad needs judges as does the Science Fair.
  • CEC (aps) is the best group geeky teens to target/mentor.

How can Quelab participate/facilitate:

  • and can we setup Points of contact.
  • we can judge, but we can also mentor.
  • try contacting lowes to see if we can get them to help us have classes for kids)
  • running workshops
  • can we get students internship's for school credit?
  • we are pretty good at easy to do projects (like ones from our events)
  • mamas minerals has artists, for led classes, Rio grand jewelry supply. even quilters folks.
  • AFRL LaLuz. (possibly for mini makers fair).
  • Civil air patrol? airospace stuff 268-5678 CAPnm.org

Next event and Fund Raising Ideas:

  • Hover Craft! Hover kid,(April??)
  • Foodie Event, Chocolate. (Feb)
    • Chocolate makers, and or chefs to demo
      • Projects: Molds?
      • Toppers?
      • Grow Chocolate Crystals
      • videos of processes
    • Ozz pastry parked out front

Setup a Quelab meetup,

Meeting ended about 7:50 We did not get to talk about having a membership drive.