January General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!

Date: 6 January 2013
Time: 4:30-6pm MT

Ground Rules
Ice Breaker – What was your most hackable Christmas/holiday gift?
Agenda Review:


  • Membership report
    • trying something new. This is where I'd like to recognize any newly signed up members (part of the orientation process), and “chastise” any unpaid members.
  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Task Forces
    • 3-D printer TF (Alfred/Juli)
    • New location TF (W/A/G)
  • Calendar review (Addie/Walter)?
    • 10 Jan - Packet party, second Thursday of the month

Old business:

  • Clarify, update, and add any missed Cardstorming topics.
  • Review and collect categories
  • Prioritize each category
  • Assign responsible persons.
! Organized output from Dec meeting !
! category 7 ! category 8 ! category 1 ! category 2 ! category 3 ! category 4 ! category 5
Members at conferences AV Jukebox poetry night library demos Tshirt silkscreening Fabrication facilities Sell Ads Blog Updates
Local speaker outreach Video projects LAN party last saturday events Soldering class (jump box) Upkeep TF, Fac. Mgmt. Fundraise, Sponsorships, Grants New member Kits & Orientation
visiting speaker outreach Project videos (on youtube) Game Night webinars Beer Brewing Increase space Utilization Use & build Corporate accts.
Outreach Collaborative HW group project Movie night kit creation Raspberry Pi class Wired network capture metrics Inventory
be a corporate resource Artemis room Magnifier lens event NetSec group Intro to programming class Exhibit space Hackerspace networking External event listing
Collaboration w Co-working spaces Fiber Arts Quelab Birthday party repair cafe PC build workshop Find a new location Find a grant writer Chores list
local facility and resource documentaion Mascot project Dr Destructo event metalurgy Arduino class Childcare? Diversity Income Post it to Hack-a-day!
food trucks Ruben's Tube ABQ mini-maker faire maker's guild Interactive fiction class laser cutter Finish writing bylaws
Sharing the space (Gem/mineral club) Bio hacking Flavor tripping event ACE outreach Adult/child workshops Member responsibilities
Astroids battery backup Boom event RoboRave support PCB/schematic class Resize Board o'Dirs
Astroids cabinet button repair Yard Sale Go club Teensy class Video intro Consignment sales
Kippers & Bacon Ignite NM Member field trips Flora class (Arduino) Capture history of Quelab Visitor Pitch with Hands on project
Space mission hydroponics TEDxABQ Quelab in Space Zombie Survival training
CubeSat 3-D printing Nerd Prom 3-D printing club Android App class
Dalek Members only projects/events Hacker Scouts Food class
Hackerspace street messages teacher openhouse MakerCamp on G+ Brewing classes
Super Guinea Pigs Robot event (not necessarily march) Mentoring to School Teams
Build Vacuformer Space Camp at DefCon
Space Chili balloon launch
  • FINISH documenting bylaws,
  • “Doctor destructo” event,
  • outreach,
  • Find and move to a New space location,
  • Arduino class,
  • no word from com a blog updates,
  • 3d printing club,
  • Interactive fiction class,
  • Artemis room,
  • better marketing,
  • new member kits / orientation,
  • adult / child workshops,
  • game night,
  • LANParty,
  • wired network Park,
  • go club,
  • childcare?,
  • kit creation,
  • use and build corporate accounts,
  • fiber arts,
  • find a grant writer,
  • hacker Scouts,
  • maker camp on Google+,
  • mascots project,
  • diversify income,
  • Rubens tube,
  • poetry night,
  • PCB and schematic class,
  • soldering class jump box,
  • sharing the space with gem and minerals club,
  • AV box,
  • external event listings,
  • teensy class,
  • hackerspace networking,
  • Nerd eprom,
  • asteroid cabinet repair buttons,
  • flora class Arduino!,
  • super guinea pigs,
  • Space Camp at defcon,
  • bio hacking,
  • up keep task force and facilities management,
  • zombie survival training,
  • be a corporate resource,
  • Last Saturday events,
  • collaborate with coworking spaces,
  • school team mentoring steam contests,
  • posted to hack a day,
  • library demos,
  • history of Quelab,
  • video intro,
  • visiting speaker outreach,
  • local speaker outreach,
  • capers and bacon!,
  • net sec group,
  • video projects,
  • project videos on YouTube,
  • t-shirt silk screen,
  • visitor pitch with hands on project,
  • space mission hydroponics,
  • asteroids battery backup,
  • increase space utilization,
  • consignment sales,
  • laser cutter,
  • fundraising sponsorships grants,
  • Android app class,
  • webinars,
  • local facility in resource documentation,
  • sell apps,
  • PC build workshop,
  • resize Board of Directors,
  • build vacuformer,
  • makers guild,
  • metallurgy,
  • member responsibilities,
  • cube set 3d printer,
  • intro to programming class,
  • member field trips,
  • interns and minions,
  • fabrication facilities,
  • food trucks,
  • magnifier class event,
  • members at conferences,
  • record metrics,
  • movie night,
  • information technology infrastructure,
  • Quelab in space,
  • organize tools in stock,
  • dalek,
  • inventory,
  • chores list,
  • birthday party,
  • brewing class,
  • food classes,
  • exhibit space,
  • hackerspace secret messages,
  • repair cafe,
  • Robo rave support
  • Events that we want to do again:
    • Teacher open house
    • Beer brewing
    • “Member only” projects or events
    • Space Chilis HAB flight
    • ABQ Mini-maker faire
    • ACE outreach
    • Flavor Tripping event
    • collaborative HW project
    • March of the Robots events (but it doesn't have to be in March)
    • TEDxABQ, and Ignite NM
    • Yard sales
    • Boom event
    • modified Arduino class, raspberry pi

New Business

monthly event themes


Meeting Started a little late, as people trickled in, 4:45pm it started, Greg Alfred, Steven, Morgain, John, Ray, Bandit, Chris, Adric, Geoff, Juli, Aaron.. In attendance,

Ice breaker was done, what was your hackable thing you got from christmas,

Membership, 4 new! Woohoo Tressurer Report: end of year report is still being compiled, but will be set soon, Kickstarter is funded, $1200 funded can still get more for stretch funding! so we can do the dual extruder or the 2nd printer.

NLTF, we got word back on one location, hes willing to work with us price wise(mountain and 5th), the other location (san metao and menaul area), we need to get a fundraiser going, for moving,

January Calendar! is horribly blank, other than The packet party thursday. New Calendar will be posted here in a little bit.

Create a Calendar@Quelab.net for classes and notes and such (Adric will do it),

Hacking Chocolate, for February, Geoof and adric, Workshop theme, maybe 2 or 3,

March of the robots, again? Needs a person to be the event coordinator, Chris says he can be the go between, got lots of ideas, Challenger learning center, Johns roomba, zoot, robot art. will need more folks and ides,

We then took a hour25 to take down the votes on the cards.

Meeting end called at 7:04pm