January General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 5 January 2014


  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Volunteers?)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review 2. Ground Rules 3. Old and New Business

  • Membership (up/down) Vote on bylaws
  • New Lathe!
  • Old business:
    • Clarify, update, and add any missed Cardstorming topics. You can review the output of December's planning session at this link.
    • Review and collect category names
    • Prioritize each category
    • Assign responsible persons

5. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's report
  • 3-D printing club update


  • Arduino Workshop
  • Series of classes on Art and Science STEAM
  • Applied Science & Math classes
  • Raspberry Pi classes
  • “Saturday afternoon workshop” Series
  • Zombie survival (first aid) class
  • Sketchup classes for 3-D printing
  • More classes: (Streamline process for classes, Topics from 2013 lists)
  • Lock picking classes
  • Robotics classes for adults
  • PIC controller classes
  • Intro to programming class
  • Arduino class
  • Teensy class
  • Flora class
  • PCB/schematic class
  • Themed workshops leading to themed events (for example ACE)

Hosting Events

  • Flavor Tripping
  • Repair Cafe - Fix it event
  • Robot Event (not necessarily March)
  • Hosting Venue for speaker events
  • Swap-a-rama-rama
  • Nerd Prom
  • Packet Parties
  • Movie Night
  • Game Night
  • Monthly OpenHouses
  • LAN parties
  • Teach the teachers event
  • Bitcoin meetup
  • Themed events
  • Dr Destructo event
  • Teacher's Openhouse
  • Host IgniteNM
  • Fundraising Gala

Community Engagement

  • More advanced cooperation/collaboration with ABQ mini maker faire
  • Support local businesses
  • Engage with local HAM club
  • Networking with other hackerspaces
  • Robo Rave Support
  • Work with [NM, KAFB, ABQ] for prisoner skills intro classes
  • Work with [NM, KAFB, ABQ] for returning vets skills intro classes
  • Ignite NM volunteering and participation
  • Hacker Scouts
  • Resource for homeschool students
  • Mentoring to school teams
  • Coordinate with ABQ PRIDE
  • Collaboration with Robotics Community
  • High school (technical) vocational opportunities
  • “Cyber patriot” program mentoring
  • Resource for local businesses

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project Showroom
  • Adding Machine Tools
  • Automation of the space
  • Fix the doors
  • Hidden bookshelf door to Room 23
  • Decorations/Art on the walls
  • Identify path forward for “poop deck”
  • Dark Room
  • AV Jukebox
  • Holo-deck
  • Mural on the building
  • TARDIS door from room 49 to room 8
  • Build a CNC metal “thing/tools”
  • Artist/Maker “in-residence”
  • Aluminum Foundary
  • Gigantic Quelab sign on the building
  • RF ID acccess control and tool control lockout

Group Projects

  • Broader crafting projects 7 ideas
  • Video blogging content creation
  • Vacuformer project
  • Cooking projects
  • Ruben's Tube
  • Warewolf Technology
  • Wearable Technology
  • Parade floats
  • Dalek build
  • Zinc platres art project (printing or framing)
  • Maker make-up
  • Quilting Bee
  • Build & Race remote control helicopters
  • Open source space development
  • Artemis 2.0
  • T-shirt silk-screening
  • Microcontroller stuff
  • Screen Printing
  • Kit creation
  • Soap Making
  • 3-D Holography
  • Recycling plastic for 3-D printer

Operations (1)

  • Engage the media (PR)
  • Collect Metrics
  • Build membership
  • Diversify Income
  • Restaurant fundraising
  • Occupancy Rating

Operations (2)

  • Fix the website
  • Equipment Training and certification (curreculum and enforcement)
  • Formal membership cards (from LOBO)
  • Inventory control
  • New member kit & Orientation
  • Chores list
  • Neighbor contact and engagement (openhouse?)
  • Update all social media
  • Our own Quelab stickers and passport
  • Turn projects into products
  • Empower the membership
  • Operating procedures (manual) Documentation
  • Social media coordiantion
  • Indiegogo/fundraiser campaign
  • Find grantwriter(s) and apply for grants
  • Manage the mess

Operations (3)

  • Member field trips
  • Capture history of Quelab
  • Submit more to Hack-a-day
  • Regularly occuring activities
  • Update meetup page & host more activities
  • Blog updates “project documentation”
  • List of local restaurants that deliver to 680 Haines

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meeting started at 5:14 Greg, Walter, Adric, Aaron, Ray (boardmembers here), jason, john, john, addie, morgain, alfred, karrrl, juli, jeremy, sherie, charel, and a few others. (19 in all)

Ground rules were mentioned, we asked around to see who saw the agenda, and we went over the new bylaws.

13 out of 15 members voted up for adopting the bylaws, 2 abstained, we declared it as passing, but noted we will need proxy votes to meet 70% membership quorum. now that its official.

Voting on the cards on the wall is brought up, rules were everyone gets 1/3 the votes.

we worked through almost all the cards, until ther last 3 ops lists, and then i took a break.

back in session 6:40

we finished the cards,

Read Geoffs, email, we are awaiting indigogo and unitedway moneys, we are in the red now, awaiting those checks. will cut and paste report from email here….

Sender: baronj@gmail.com Received: by with HTTP; Sun, 5 Jan 2014 16:16:51 -0800 (PST) Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 17:16:51 -0700 Subject: Re: board meeting? From: Geoff Nicholson Demonsthenes@meme-complex.com Cc: Quelab board@quelab.net

Report is as follows:

The Indiegogo check is in the mail from the SpaceFed; I believe it will be for $4792 (less Indiegogo and SpaceFed fees). Should be here already, if not first thing next week. We've also due a year's worth of payroll deductions through the United Way, which is also in the mail. We are broke, without the Indiegogo money, however. After paying the rent for January, we have 1200 in the bank, and our rent is $1680. Our rent goes up in May to $1780.

We have 30 members, and we need 18 more to be in the black… but I would prefer 25 because I still cannot forecast the electrical bill. The Gas bill from Blackout's tenure was about $70/month which isn't too bad. I don't know if they had the heaters on then, but I'm estimating 75 for both gas and electric.

Finally, reporting. I will have a 2013 Annual Report done by Feburary. Also, I am in the process of getting us our Occupancy Permit. This requires a City Business License, which requires a State Tax ID. I am also in the process of getting us a listing with the Attorney General, as we do not qualify as a 'traditional educational institution' (ie with a fixed curriculum) and therefore are not exempt from registering as a charity in the State of New Mexico.

– geoff

3dprinting report, $0.20 per gram printing costs, will have its own cashbox. working on finalizing how to do job payments (if it needs design or work).

meeting broke, with the notice there will be an email announcement of the upcoming board meeting, (before end of month)